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Bookings are now open for the 2018 Stone the Crows Festival.

Early Bird Registration date will close on March 1, 2018. Why do we have early bird dates? We need to plan the facilities we need, eg the sizes of the various marquees, where different activities will go, how many courts will we need for our games, and a heap of other infrastructure items. So if you register early, this really helps us plan the Festival for your benefit and ours.

Stone the Crows Festival is a 7 day event - you will have two options of attending -

* the full seven days of Friday to Thursday inclusive (departing Friday morning)
* or four days - Friday to Monday inclusive (departing Tuesday morning)

Our booking form reflects these two options. You will be asked to arrive on the Friday (whether you are coming for four or seven days) at a time designated on your Squawkers Permit and to enter through either the Tasman Road gate or the Copland Street gate depending on where your site is located.

Group bookings Campsites
Either side of Blackbird Road

Once again group bookings need to sent to our Booking Crow in a batch. It may not be possible to add extra sites months after the majority of sites have been allocated. Preferably, group bookings need to be all powered or all unpowered - not a mix - and that vehicles are of a similar length. If you happen to have a shorter or longer member in your group or a mix , our Parking Crows will put them as close as possible to the main group. Squawkers Permits will be emailed to youas soon as the site plan is finalised, as we need time to sort the allocation of sites, particularly for groups.

Bookings opened on the last day of the 2017 Festival and all powered sites have been paid for in full as they were booked. We have created a waiting list for powered sites and they will be allocated only when cancellations are received. If you require power for, eg a CPAC machine, you must provide a medical certificate. The other option if you must have power is to stay in one of the local caravan parks and come as a day visitor.

There are plenty of unpowered sites throughout the flat, easy walking grounds.

10% discount will apply to all group bookings, provided they are received within a period of two weeks. If your group are a mix of powered and unpowered, you will be parked in near vicinity to each other but not necessarily alongside (we need to get best use of powered sites to accommodate as many rigs as possible). Any late additions may be classed as a separate group.

If you are booking as part of a group, please nominate your group leader, eg John Smith, Judy Brown.

10% discount will also apply to our loyal feathered friends who have attended the Festival for any two years. Please nominate the years in which you attended, eg 2013 and 2016 or whatever the case may be.

Click here to download the booking form as an Adobe pdf document

In some browsers you have to find the icon down the bottom of the page and print from there, not from the tool bar at the top.

Click here to download the booking form as a Microsoft Word document (doc)

The 2017 DL flyer can be viewed here either as a low resolution or high resolution print quality document.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us for clarification.

Powered sites are already fully booked - any applications for power are now on waiting list for cancellations
Loyalty or group discounts are only applicable for the full Festival
Unpowered sites available in all areas - sites are only confirmed when full payment is received.

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