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What our flock think of the Festival


Each year an Exit Survey is prepared for our flock to tell us honestly what they think of us. Attendees are asked to give the event a score of 0 to 5 in a total of 20 plus aspects, give negative and positive items which they have found, offer suggestions for the next Festival and generally have their say.

It is wonderful that each of the last four years over 80% of the flock have chosen to fill in that form - it helps the planning for the following Festival, tells us what is going right and what could be improved. Attendees came from 294 different post codes - another incredible statistic.

The crow flock have given the Festival an average of 4.6 out of 5 over the last four years! For the Chief Crows, that is an amazing confirmation of what has been offered in entertainment, activities and more. Thank you to our volunteers, entertainers, partners and everyone who is helping make the Festival such a great success. The aim for 2018 is to edge that .6 mark up even a little bit higher!

Comments from exit surveys will be selected by some of our Crow Volunteers. The first comment is the positive the second the negative.

Very well organised event, enjoyed all the entertainment. The food stalls were great and only cooked one meal in the entire week

Couldn't do everything (but that's not really a negative)

Rod Hannifey show excellent- informative - very interesting. Health checks great idea. Venue perfect. Workshops excellent. Ed's Tuckerbox food excellent.

Larger sign at entry at Tasman Road like the markets sign

All the shows/concerts/enterainers, coffee van,Mr Ed's, Crow Cafe food selection, Merchandise, singalongs with the strings at 1.30 pm, general camaraderie, clean amenities, wonderful organisation of festval, great value for money. Thanks Chrissy, Jim and Grant for all your hard work.

Not long enough

Overall excellent.

Perhaps more drinking water oculd be available. Markets could offere toiletries or household items instead of the usual market stuff. What about games, music ideas for RV eg magnetic chess, mouth organs, cards, crowssword books etc.

Site allocation and marking excellent. Entertainment great, variety great, enjoyed the workshops.

Trivia too serious - no sport or movies - all travel. Photos too restrictive.

Positiniong of vans per timetable excellent. Amenitiies always clean, friendliness of both volunteers and entertainers. Sound system excellent. Ed's Kitchen great. Pizzas very good. Craft teacher Lynne very good and obliging.

Ended too soon.

We were volunteers and we loved everything we were asked to do.

Enjoyed the concerts "wow" Workshops were fun.

Not an early riser - early morning shows not for me - 9 am start instead?

Great as usual - fantastic entertainment program.

Time overlaps - seminars - sports - craft - we couldn't go to everything we wanted because of this.

Positioning of sound speakers vergy good. Staggered entry times worked. Info point covered most enquiries. Sighting teams briefed and debriefed well.

Seafood type vendor would add more variety.

Had a wonderful time - will be back. Couldn't fault the crew - did a great job - I Just love it.

A great festival I will be back next year.

No female nighttime singers until Thursday, soap ran out in ladies toilet on Good Friday.

Having fun - everyone could be involved in everything regardless of age or level - well done - always to do - big smiley face drawing.

None - another bigger smiley face.

Poets and bush ballads

Not enough country music.

All entertainment first class - food vendors and Cookie's cafe and Crowburgers great - excellent.

Some games played at the same time.

I found it the "BEST" festival yet with good mix of entertainment - well organised.

Friendly aspect of all RV mixing together

Clash of some activities.

Excellent info from the experts (poetry workshops). Wagg's great weather. Meeting with like minded people. Easter Church services (Pete was great) Entertainment professional and local crows - so great to see what us oldies can do.

Need another coffee outlet. Some owners of dogs not always cleaning up

Poetry - main reason I came - talks on creating and performing, bush/other poetry. Attending walk-ups and competitions.

I arrived on Friday so missed good events, won't make that mistake again. A couple of popular talks were repeated but I missed one due to not hearing announcement in morning show.

All was bloody excellent. Thank you we will be back. The toilet fairy was excellent. Badge police should be out more - proceeds to charity good idea.

It is a shame another festival could not be run like - could you teach them?

Excellent entertainment - good variety of arts/crafts, plenty of activities, disc bowls, petaqnue, Great company overall.

Dogs were well behaved but would prefer separate area for dog owners.

and finally one lovely email

Hi Chrissy,

Greetings from Lightning Ridge - we will be home in Brisbane in a couple of days after a month on the road.

I trust that things are not quite as hectic for you as during the festival. My wife and I had a great time at STC and the programme is a great credit to you and your team.

After Wagga, we continued on to Corryong for the Man from Snowy River Festival (we were also there last year) and I reflected on the differences between MFSR, STC and also the CMCA Rallies and also other festivals we have attended.

Some observations on the entertainment which we really enjoyed:

You probably know this .. I think STC "unique selling point" is that it encourages the flock to participate if they choose to in a wide range of activities whereas at many other festivals, you are typically a ‘spectator’. (My wife would not let me participate in the bull riding at Corryong!)

My wife enjoyed the Tai chi, line dancing, card making, crochet and the Uke sing-alongs and participation in the on stage performances, whilst I did Daddy Day Dare (although I am very concerned about showing my woodwork to my cabinetmaker son on return home), poetry workshops, Tai Chi and Uke.

I did a count at one of Rob Nichols’ Uke/ guitar/sing-alongs and on the biggest day there were some 70 participants. Rob does a terrific job ably supported by John.

Jim Haynes is a great entertainer with the ability "to hold the audience in the palm of his hand! Amazing versatility in his jokes and stories. Similarly Rodney Vincent and Noel Stallard (brilliant delivery and an incredible memory - we had some good chats as we both hail from Gympie, Qld)

OK enough from me:

Kind Regards Alan

If we put all the comments our Crow Volunteers selected, it would run for about five pages - so these are just some in the order they came back to us. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful interaction. We are taking all comments, positive and negative, into consideration for future planning.





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