What a year 2020 was! Covid 19 caused chaos and meant we had no Festival due to government intervention.

Since then most states have had lockdowns, as well as shut/open/shut/opent borders, quarantine requirements, social distancing and masks.

To say this ongoing and everchanging scenario has resulted in plans being altered multiple times for our anticipated 2021 Stone the Crows Festival would have to be an understatement.

Now the time has come to look very critically at what we can do for 2021. The Chief Crows have taken into account some major factors:

a. The age group of most of our flock – we are virtually all classed as vulnerable
b. The lack of immunity due to vaccines not being available
c. Inconsistency of travel due to borders being shut by states with little notice
d. New strains of the virus arriving from overseas sources and which are more infectious

It is with the greatest of regret that we have decided it is not safe to have a Festival in 2021. We could overcome all the restrictions and regulations except those above which are beyond our control. Unfortunately this is another year where we have a “frustrated contract” due to circumstances beyond our control.

We will be in touch again shortly but wanted to give you this forewarning so you could organise your Easter travel arrangements and plans as early as possible.

To say your support and understanding this year has been overwhelming is an understatement and for that, all we can say is thank you.

Please keep safe and fingers crossed, 2021 will see a stabilisation and suppression of covid issues, so we can all get back to our normal livestyle.
Chrissy, Jim and Grant

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